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About us

Yiwu Houxiong Bags Factory

Founded in January 2015,Yiwu Houxiong Bags Factory. specializes in the design and production of cloth bag products and cooperates with international well-known brands. The company's main purpose is to pursue excellent quality and adhere to innovation and creation. So far, there are two branches with a total number of more than 150 people. Exports account for more than 60%, mainly providing OEM OEM production and processing for major brands such as Europe, America, Australia and Japan. Such as all kinds of canvas backpacks, thermal insulation ice bags, wine bags, travel bags, schoolbags, picnic bags, beach bags and cosmetic bags. It is an industrial and trade integration of professional luggage sewing products with one-stop services of warehousing, cutting, printing, sewing, quality inspection and packaging. The factory is an ordinary taxpayer enterprise and can issue special VAT invoices. It is located in the suburb of Qingpu District, Shanghai.


The factory mainly produces all kinds of bags: canvas bag, non-woven ultrasonic three-dimensional bag, environmental protection shopping bag, advertising bag, gift bag, suit bag, hanging belt, storage bag, bundle bag, cosmetic bag, shoe bag, hanging rope bag, thermal insulation bag, apron, dust cover, ice bag, storage box, backpack, storage box, disposable aviation products, computer cover, car cover, equipment cover, air conditioning cover Cotton bag, Oxford bag, cosmetic bag, travel bag, shopping bag, felt bag, ice bag, thermal insulation bag, backpack, computer bag, schoolbag, Mommy bag, PVC bag, etc.

All bags produced by the company are guaranteed to be 100% fully inspected, and leave the factory after passing the inspection, focusing on high-quality commodity bags. We pursue perfection and pay more attention to service and development. Compliance only delivers qualified products to customers, abides by commitments, and coexistence of responsibility and quality. Therefore, it has been growing in development and recognized by customers, and has established good friendship and feelings. Three Guarantees (quality assurance, delivery guarantee and service guarantee) are also your assured choice.

All staff warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to write, call, guide and negotiate business. We sincerely look forward to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

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